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Here at Firebrand Yorkies, we strive to attain the utmost quality in all of our Yorkshire Terrier lines. We breed tiny, healthy yorkie puppies, many of which are Champion sired and almost all have Champion bloodlines.

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Diane Schelach
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Firebrand Yorkies

Look At Us Now!

We’ve added updated photos for Daisy 2 and Jessica Rabbit.



Daisy 2 (above) and Jessica Rabbit (below)



We Have New Puppies


We would like to extend a warm welcome to all who have been watching our website faithfully and we are so happy to announce this wonderful new litter out of our Pebbles & Enzo. They were born on July 8th., All four are boys!  The group photo here is to give you a peek at what they look like here at 6 weeks old. We will be posting their individual photos this upcoming week.

Once again, we thank you for your patience and look forward to assisting you with a new little Yorkie Baby! All four puppies in this litter are available and we are accepting reservations at this time.


Zsa Zsa & Bonsai’s babies are all up on the “puppies for sale” page. They are beautiful!

This litter is out of Zsa Zsa and Bonsai, this is a first time breeding for these two and we couldn’t be more overjoyed at how lovely they all turned out. They were born on April 19th., 2014 and going on 12 weeks now. They are all getting ready to go.

As my good friend Doreen tells me,

“I must say that they are truly a joy to have around and very well socialized. When all my grandkids come to visit they are all required to sit in a circle on the floor while I let the puppies choose who they naturally want to go over to.  Well, let me tell you it doesn’t take long before all their laps are full, it is the most adorable thing to see.”

I can only imagine!


The first little girl here, we are calling Anna. She is going to be a very pretty girl and definitely has the disposition to go with it.  There are more photos of both these precious girls along with their beautiful brother Olaf on the Puppies For Sale page.

We thank you so much for viewing and your continued interest here at Firebrand Yorkies, we truly appreciate each and every one of you!

Pictured below is Elsa.