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Here at Firebrand Yorkies, we strive to attain the utmost quality in all of our Yorkshire Terrier lines. We breed tiny, healthy yorkie puppies, many of which are Champion sired and almost all have Champion bloodlines.

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Diane Schelach
(262) 643 - 4711
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Firebrand Yorkies

“New Firebrand Yorkie Puppies”!!

We have a beautiful litter here that are 3/4 Firebrand line. This litter belongs to a close friend of mine. They were born out of a male named Tank who was born out of a litter on 11-08-13 from our Chino and her Beautiful female, named Bailey. We then had Tank breed with Emma who once belonged to us. But in order to keep our numbers down, we then decided to give our Emma to our good friends Yvette and Paul with the agreement of a breed back female. Which they happily agreed to.  As they were wanting a short legged female. Although neither parent is posted on the website, this is due only to my getting behind and overwhelmed with the work load it takes to raise puppies correctly. In our homes, where they are loved and cared for like family.

We would be more than happy to provide photos of both Emma and Tank, should the need arise. Or I just may get ambitious enough to get them both looking gorgeous which wouldn’t take much and to then get them both posted on the website. If you only knew the amount of work and time it takes just to get the puppies photos all loaded up! Well anyhow, we are offering each of these Precious babies at a price we feel reflects their overall quality and size, especially given their ages.

We have Bella, Stella and Max all available for your viewing and interest on the “Puppies For Sale” page.

These are just some thumbprint photos of each puppy, they are approximately 12 weeks and other info can be found above each puppies photos on the…

Puppies For Sale Page, please make sure to click on each photo to enlarge them. “ENJOY”!

bella-2_3766 stella-2_3790 max_3739

“Look At Me, I’m Batman”!!!

Batman is sold now, but we will be posting some beautiful female puppies in a couple weeks.

We also have another litter on the way out of Opal and Enzo. Their due date is June 4th 2016

“Please be sure to click on all my photos to enlarge, I’m even more Gorgeous up-close”!





On January 12th., 2016 our Hope and Bonsai gave birth to three beautiful boys… Acorn, Batman and Oliver!

We have little baby doll faced Acorn posted on the For Sale” page along with his two brothers Batman and Oliver.

 Acorn  is sold to the Barnhardt family in Waterford, Wi.