To all those waiting to finally see Evita & Primo’s babies, their photos are now up on the “Puppies For Sale” page for viewing.

All four puppies are reserved, but one may become available at a later date. If you feel as though you missed out, be sure to check out the remaining available puppies below Evita’s litter and we are also getting ready for Taylor & Chino’s litter to arrive. We are currently accepting reservations already and the litter is due around Sept 20th.

We also have news on Zsa Zsa & Primo’s litter… They had one male and one female puppy born on Sept 5th 2011

Unfortunately the little female was born weak and did not make it, but we have one little male available from Zsa Zsa and we are accepting reservations on him as well.

This tiny male out of Evita & Primo below may be our newest future stud, his name is “Enzo”!