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Here at Firebrand Yorkies, we strive to attain the utmost quality in all of our Yorkshire Terrier lines. We breed tiny, healthy yorkie puppies, many of which are Champion sired and almost all have Champion bloodlines.

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Diane Schelach
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Firebrand Yorkies

We Have New Babies

Our Taylor & little Bonsai had a beautiful litter of three born on December 25th, 2012.

Another very high-quality yorkie puppy litter here, we are already accepting reservations. First pick is reserved, please call or email us for more details.

There are two females and one male, these babies already look very round and short legged. One of the girls is extra-tiny.

Momma Taylor & Daddy Bonsai are pictured below…


Attention: Yorkie day care price change for 2013

This is a message to all our wonderful past/present/future customers who have had/will have the privilege of having Firebrand Yorkies care for their babies while on vacation or otherwise. Due to the added expense for the care and wellbeing of your beloved little family members, we have decided to increase the price from $10.00 to $15.00 per day.

This yorkie day and night care has greatly increased since we started back in 2007. For the wellbeing of each and every one of your pets and ours included, we are only able to care for four additional yorkies at one time.

There may be a time when we would have to say we are full, but we really do not anticipate that happening very often.

We are happy to care for your babies, after all they were ours first!  We enjoy being able to provide this service for you and truly appreciate your consideration in regards to this change.

Looking forward to the new year and new yorkie babies!

Our Taylor and Bonsai are expecting their first litter together either at the very end of December 2012 or the very beginning of January 2013. Look for new announcement when we get closer to that time.

For now, we do still have one beautiful baby boy available from Evita and Chino’s litter… Please contact me for more details!

Very high-quality little male yorkie! We call him Hilo.

Extra-tiny yorkie puppies

Extra-tiny yorkie puppies are here!

Evita and Chino did it again, they had another beautiful litter together. They have extreme baby-doll faces with short and cobby bodies, another very high-quality litter here!

You are now welcome to venture over to the Yorkie Puppies page to view the individual photos of this precious extra-tiny yorkie puppy  litter.

We do still have some availability, please contact us for more details and thanks again to all of you for your continued interest and patience with us!

This extra-tiny female yorkie pictured below may be spoken for already, but we do have more on the way. Baby Harper!