These next two litters are very-high-quality yorkie babies as well.

The first litter is out of Sassy & our Bangkok, Thailand male Chino. They had two males and one female born on March 23rd, 2013.  These three precious babies below all currently weigh approximately 1 lb, at almost 5 weeks old.

This will be our Sassy’s last litter as well and we will truly miss her beautiful high quality puppies for sure.

The next litter born is out of Petals and Chino, one male and one female born on March 26th, 2013. All these babies have nice round apple heads and short muzzles, they also have short legs and tiny ears, just what we love, short everything!

The female is on the left with the smaller boy on the right. Firebrand may be holding onto the female.

This is also Petals last litter here below, we will miss all her precious, dark babies. Petals has always produced solid black and gold, very-high-quality babies.