We have some updated news for all you patient customers waiting ever so vigilantly to see Pebbles and Enzo’s┬ábeautiful litter of five that was born on November 11th, 2013.

The puppies are nine weeks old now and they are all eating very well and are very healthy.

We have two who are extremely tiny, very short, and cobby with adorable little baby-doll faces.

Then we have a medium sized boy who is very cobby, short and very baby-doll faced as well.

The entire litter is extremely dark black just like their momma and daddy, momma Pebbles is solid black thru & thru!

We are currently going through some site updates. I was only able to post one photo here for now, he is the tiniest boy we have and we are calling Liam. We are hoping to have the site updated no later than tomorrow evening, so please just hang on a bit longer. I have some wonderful photos taken of this precious litter and can’t wait to share them all with you!

For now, here is little Liam. He truly is an Enzo-baby all the way. We will have many more photos posted tomorrow of Liam along with his two other brothers and two sisters.


Baby Liam looking just like his daddy Enzo!