We have two boys here out of our old Natalie’s “We Be Sassy Pants” who is now retired. Sassy¬†and Enzo are grandma and grandpa to these gorgeous boys. Lola 2 and Maraschino Man (Chino) are momma and papa.


These two males are absolutely precious and their personalities certainly reflect their good looks as well.

Bumblebee 2 on the left is now priced at $2500.

Yogi on the right is now priced at $1200.

Please see additional photos of these cute little baby faced brothers on our Yorkies For Sale page. Please feel free to call me anytime with any questions, I’ll be happy to help!

Additionally, we are still accepting reservations on our three newest litters which will all be posted here on the home page and on the Yorkies For Sale page soon!