This little boy is out of Lola 2 and Chino. He was born on August 25th, 2014.

Sold To Sue & Jim In WI. 

Bumblebee 2 at 11 months

bumblebee-2_2887 bumblebee-2_2888 bumblebee-2_2892 bumblebee-2_2894 bumblebee-2_2910 bumblebee-II_2772 bumblebee-II_2775 bumblebee-II_2776 bumblebee-II_2784 bumblebee-II_2785

Bumblebee 2 at 10 weeks weighing 1 lb 9 oz.

bumblebee-2_2032 bumblebee-2_2036 bumblebee-2_2041 bumblebee-2_2042 bumblebee-2_2044 bumblebee-2_2057 bumblebee-2_2073yogi-x-bb2_2445

Bumblebee 2 is on the left.