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Here at Firebrand Yorkies, we strive to attain the utmost quality in all of our Yorkshire Terrier lines. We breed tiny, healthy yorkie puppies, many of which are Champion sired and almost all have Champion bloodlines.

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Firebrand Yorkies

Mia Bella Paloma!

These are the updated photos of a female we held back for breeding, she has not bred yet but we are very excited to see her future offspring.

She is beautiful and you can see more photos of Paloma on our females page.

The photos below are one when she was only 9 weeks old and the other one is how she looks now at one year old. ENJOY!

Additionally, we will be posting Zsa Zsa‘s new litter of four this coming weekend of June 28th so be sure to take a look, they are all lovely!



Introducing Lil’ Miss Hope!

Here is what you get when you place all your Hope in one amazing little female Yorkshire Terrier!

We decided to hold this beautiful female back to add to our breeding program and we are so glad we did. Lil’ Miss Hope is an amazing girl, she has all that we look for when it comes to selecting only the finest to reside here at Firebrand Yorkies.

Hope is out of old Firebrand lines combined with our new Bangkok, Thailand line that we added back in 2011 and these two lines combined have produced:

  • very-high-quality yorkie puppies
  • extreme baby-doll faces
  • cobby little bodies
  • thick, beautifuly modified silk coats

Hope was born to Evita and Chino on September 25th, 2012 and we are really looking forward to her offspring.

Click here to see Hope’s puppy portraits.


Just Call Me Mr. Showboat!

This amazing boy is out of our very-high-quality line from our Princess Pickles and our Champion-Sired Primo Perfecta.

Over the years this particular line has produced some of the highest quality yorkies we have ever seen and this boy is certainly of no exception to the rule. His overall structure, confirmation, and amazingly beautiful coat just further proves the exceptional quality his proud parents, Pickles and Primo, have produced time and time again.


Deuce is the last of that wonderful line and regretfully so as we are now retiring our Princess Girl Pickles. She has done her job and now deserves that time to be pampered and enjoy the rest of the years she has left. Pickles is such a huge part of our close-knit little yorkie family here so we are not sure if we are able to part with her but if the right situation comes along, we may consider it.

Fortunately, we have two daughters out of Pickles so we are able to continue this wonderful line. We attribute much love and credit to our dear friends Mike and Reta for producing this very-high-quality line.

Mike and Reta Elliot were the original owners of Firebrand Yorkies. Since they retired in 2007 my husband and I have been very fortunate to have had this wonderful opportunity to take over for them. We are so very grateful to this couple who trusted in us to carry on their amazing work of 30 years of producing the most beautiful Yorkshire Terriers we have ever seen!

The Elliots passed down both Pickles and Champion Casey from their amazing line providing us our wonderful boy Primo Perfecta.  We treasure both our current breeders and miss our dear Champion Casey dearly.

What an exceptional line they both created. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts that you shared it with us, we will never forget you. Your saga lives on through this awesome offspring in our Primo, Enzo, Presley, and Penny.